Zero Trust Application Security

Datawiza Access Broker enables Zero Trust for

  • Microservices
  • Cloud-Native Applications
  • Legacy Systems
  • Legacy Perimeter Security Is Not Good Enough


    Encryption for Data-in-Flight

    Enable HTTPS or mutual TLS easily and seamlessly to encrypt communication between applications and services.

    Continuous Authentication and Authorization

    Minimize access to resources to only those who are validated and granted with right permissions and continuously verifies the identity of each request.

    Granular Access Management

    Let admin define groups and tags for different applications and services, and use these attributes to create granular access control policies to manage the zero-trust architecture.

    Secure Key Management

    Provide a secure and scalable way to generate, use, store, rotate and revoke certificates and encryption keys.

    Easy to Deploy and Manage

    Deploying Datawiza Access Broker does not require any change for application source code and infrastructure.

    Platform Agnostic

    Protect all workloads (monolithic apps, microservices) running in bare metal, VM or container on-premise, or in private or public cloud.

    How Datawiza Access Broker Works


    Install Access Broker as software proxy seamlessly


    Configure and start Access Broker using REST API, CLI or UI easily


    Access Broker protects all your workloads (apps/services).

    Our Customers

    A leading IoT company

    A fortune 500 telecom company

    A fast growing fitness app

    and many more